Speaker: Braulio Polanco

Title: Introduction to Scientific Extrusion™


Scientific Extrusion™ is a data-driven systematic approach for running an extrusion process. The method is based on scientific principles which enable extrusion manufactures to produce high quality product consistently and effectively every time.

One of the biggest challenge for processors is inconsistency in polymer quality. Implementing a Scientific Extrusion™ process will transform your extrusion operation from art to science. Consequently, it will provide a system that can consistently produce parts that meet specifications regardless of polymer molecular weight variations, enable implementation of consistent procedures, and simplify process validation which comply with FDA requirements.

Yes, it is possible to transform extrusion from art to science and it’s time for the extrusion industry to take the leap and shadow the path of the injection molders.

The Conference

October 18-20, 2017 in ​Charlotte, NC.

The Extrusion 2017

The conference is the only conference of its kind devoted to all aspects of extrusion processing. Developed by Plastics Technology, this conference consists of sessions devoted to technical and business issues common to all types of extrusion, followed by breakout sessions devoted to specific types of extrusion: Compounding, Sheet, Film, and Pipe/Profile/Tubing.