“It was not just about theory like other trainings. No other training explain what you need to do when you […]

Adam Snajdar, Engineer

“Theoretical information was demonstrated on extrusion line. The instructor explained the topics several times and was well understood.”

Luis Carrera, Supervisor

“I gained knowledge of the steps leading into applying the methodology at the extruder.”

Fred Kiedeisch, Engineer

“I understood of how to interpret the curves for polymer characterization and how to apply it.”

Orestes Macias, Extrusion Engineer

“I was able to understand the Information on how to correlate material data to extrusion line.”

Christopher Rhodes, Technician

“Polymer knowledge of the instructor was excellent.”

Ivan Magallana, Engineer

The material and subject was exactly as described and what we expected. We learned what we signed up to learn!

Susan S., President and CEO

Wonderful course, worth the money. Helped me create a nice foundation in material chemistry / flow from extrusion stand point.

Joseph M., Engineering Manager

Instructors were very knowledgeable and I learned a significant amount from the class.

Tim W., Operations Manager

The theory behind Scientific Extrusion was great. It will help the company out in a lot of ways.

Paul M., Manufacuring Manager

Scientifically proved what took me years to learn

Anonymous, N/A

Creating an understanding of difficult things in an easy way. Found course interesting.

Darshan Patel, Engineer

Very Methodical and progressive

Sebastien Caire, Engineer

The information was very good. I would change nothing

Frank Lena , Sr Engineering Tech

Liked the hands on part of the course at Davis Standard. The lecture was interesting

Mark Poisson , Principal R&D Extrusion Engineer