InstructorBraulio Polanco
TypeOnsite Course
DateSep 20, 2021 - Oct 2, 2021
TimeExtrusion Master III
Place2909 Langford Rd. B600 Norcross, GA 30071
Certificate80% of quiz marks
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We are the inventors of Scientific Extrusion. We are the first company to develop a data-driven systematic approach based on scientific principles that enable extrusion manufactures to produce high quality product consistently and effectively every time regardless of resin molecular weight variation.

Let us show you how to implement consistency into your process.

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The Extrusion Master III Certification™ is a 10 days course consisting in the demonstration of teaching the Extrusion Master I and Extrusion Master II courses. You will be teaching both course with the assistance of an extrusion master trainer. Student must show full  competency in the class rooms material and the hand-on demonstration for both courses. The Certification will be based on the instructor assessment of the student ability to teach the course to other.

Student must follow the presentation supplied by Systematic Extrusion in order to teach all Extrusion Master course. Presentation can not be edits without the written consent of Systematic Extrusion.

Section 1Extrusion Master I
Lecture 1Demostrate Capability to Teach Theory
Lecture 2Demonstrate Ability to Teach Demo
Section 2Extrusion Master II
Lecture 3Demonstrate Capability to Teach Theory
Lecture 4Demonstrate Ability to Teach Demo
Final Quiz