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Become the industry leading supplier for medical tubing and molded components that enables better quality of life for patients.


Transform extrusion from art to science


Systematic Extrusion, LLC is committed to making quality our first priority and providing innovative and scientific solutions which consistently meet or exceed customer requirements.

We will continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System through integrity, innovation, technology and teamwork.

Our Capabilities

Our talented team of highly qualified engineers, polymer experts, and experienced technicians makes systematic Extrusion one of the best choices in the plastics industry. We take pride in our capability to consistently deliver the best quality product, on time, at a competitive cost.

We are the first company to develop a data-driven systematic approach based on scientific principles that enable us to produce high quality product consistently and effectively every time. With focus on the medical device industry, our Scientific Extrusion™ process has proven to be a key factor for producing tight tolerance extrusion tubing while simplifying the validation strategy and manufacturing process.

Systematic Extrusion can offer a full-service partnership from concept to launch. Our service include, pilot line runs, material testing, development samples, and full-scale manufacturing. We are confident you will be satisfied with our quality, service and lead time!

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1. Foundation on Solid Education

Our foundation is built on solid education from one of the best universities in the world. We are Plastics Engineers and have works with polymers, extrusion and molding our entire careers. This is what we know and do!

2. Polymer Experts

We are material experts on thermo, mechanical and most important rheology testing.

3. Material Testing Inhouse

We perform a complete polymer characterization test of all material before running the process. The results are translated to optimum processing conditions to consistently deliver the best quality and product performance.

4. Invented Scientific Extrusion

We run the process like no other company. We develop the process based on science and material testing results. Therefore, our process is able to compensate for material variations.

5. Experience and more Experience

We have gained many years of experience working for most major extrusion and molding power houses in the plastics and medical device industry.

6. Validate Every Part

Unlike other contract manufactures, we validated every part at no additional cost. We maintain full documentation of all process validations (IQ, OQ, PQ).

Meet Our Team

Braulio Polanco

Chairman & CEO
Subject matter expert in extrusion, polymer characterization, and validation. Experience with Class I, II, & III medical devices and pharma.…
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Edgar Flores

Vice President
Expert in safety training and auditing companies for OSHA compliance. OSHA 10/30 certified and certified AHA instructor, Basic Life Support,…
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Steven Mayol

Subject matter expert in extrusion running a wide range of materials with single/multi-lumens and co-extrusions. Validations expert (IQ, OQ, PQ,…
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ISO 13485 certification complete!

ISO 13485

Our ISO certification is complete. See below for copy is the certification.
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